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How did the Myrtillus Project was born?

Due to the intrinsic characteristics of blueberry, known for its richness in vitamin C , minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium , phosphorus, iron , manganese, and other components such as tannins , pectin and anthocyanins , which are responsible for its antioxidant properties , with benefits for health , and yet due to the expansion of this culture , together with the appreciation of the fruit and its by-products , and in order to create opportunities for monetization of Mirtilusa , contemplating the enhancement of fruit , fresh and processed , based on their biological characterization ( substantiated and validated ) and conversion into products with high added value , with the introduction of a new product line of blueberry with validated functional properties with relevance of its antioxidant properties , has led to the need to form a consortium which gave origin to Myrtillus project , which will bring gains in the near future.

The Mirtilusa aims in this project, is the valuation of the fruit of lesser quality and its subproducts, in order to obtain new processed products with higher added value (frozen fruit, dried fruit and fruit jam), in order to boost company growth in national and international market. The aim of this project is to scientifically validate the antioxidants properties of the blueberry cultivars produced by the producers of Mirtilusa, with a view to obtaining new processed products, from the fruit of lesser value. It will be formulated new infusions mixtures resulting from the combination of dried leaves and fruits for which the functional and organoleptic properties is high.

Myrtillus The Project will thus create a new line of functional Blueberry products. Fresh fruit, derivatives and selected teas are featured with a focus on polyphenolic antioxidant compounds as well as ensuring the safety and efficacy studies, complemented with bioavailability studies. The new products developed from Blueberry will confirm its extension of life cycle through the study of chemical and biological stability under simulated market conditions. It is intended to determine the genetic factors that influence the manifestation of such nutritional and antioxidant properties. For the two areas of valuation (fruit and leaves), it will be developed and validated prototypes based on formulations and products that prove to be most promising.

Supported by the Operational Factors Competitiveness Programme - COMPETE, the "Myrtillus" is an R & D co-promotion, promoted by Mirtilusa the promoter of the project, in co-promotion with the Portuguese Catholic University, Center of Pharmacology and Chemical Biopathology of Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto, UTAD - University of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro and the company Frulact.

Added to the consortium as partners: Municipality of Sever do Vouga; AGIM - Association for Management, Innovation and Modernization of Urban Center Sever do Vouga; EMBRAPA recognized institute in Brazil.

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