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Society of Fruit and Vegetable Producers

Mirtilusa is a company based in Sever do Vouga that promotes blueberry cultivation, provides advisory and informative services, provides technical support to the producers, markets as well as promotes the sale of this small fruit. It is currently composed by more than 90 blueberry producers, of which 48 are partners of the company, and it has been selling blueberries since 1994.

The acid soils of the rough agricultural exploitations of the small businesses located in Sever do Vouga, provide excellent soil and climatic conditions that enable the production of tons of blueberries; this cultivation reflects the current reality of a profitable agricultural crop.

The geographic area of the blueberry production includes some municipalities located in the medium section of the Vouga River, such as Viseu, Sever do Vouga (better suited), Águeda and Vale de Cambra.

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