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Blueberry is part of the family Ericaceae and the genus Vaccinium. Over the years, the genus Vaccinium evolved in the northern temperate climates of the American continent, Europe and Asia.

The cultivars that produce blueberries in Sever do Vouga are part of the Northern Highbush Blueberry (NHB) group that has cold demands of 800 to 1000 hours below 7°C during winter.

The cultivars that have, thus far, adapted better to this particular region are the following: Duke, Bluecrop, Goldtraube and Ozarkblue.

Blueberry is a fruit renowned for its high contents of vitamin C, mineral salts (such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, manganese) and other components (such as tannins, pectins and anthocyanins) responsible for its anti-oxidant properties.

One of this particular fruit's most well-known traits is its culinary versatility; it goes well with game, salads and many other savory dishes, pies, cakes, puddings, biscuits and cookies, ice creams, milk shakes, and one should not forget the tasty liqueur made with these small berries.

Mirtilusa markets fresh blueberries in 1 kg boxes with eight 125 g cells, as well as 3 kg boxes with the fruit sold in bulk. The company manufactures the following transformed blueberry products: blueberry liqueur and blueberry leaf tea which possesses high levels of anti-oxidants.

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